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Threading is an ancient hair removal technique. Its earliest practices are difficult to trace, but is thought to have originated many centuries ago in Arabia. Threading is a practice that is traditionally taught by family members or friends to one another and is passed on from generation to generation and is still very popular today. Threading is a beauty treatment that clients choose to provide a quick and efficient method of removing unwanted hair from the face. The thread is held between our hands to form a twist and when the twist is rolled against the skin it traps the hair and pulls it out, lifting it directly from the follicle. Threading works very well for parts of the body that are very sensitive or require precision like the brows, upper lip, sides, chin and other facial areas.


Course structure covers:

● You will be learning how to manipulate cotton wool thread to shape eyebrows

● Consult with your client

● Prepare for the treatment

● Plan the treatment

● Complete the treatment

● Introduction - Benefits of Threading

● Health and Safety / Data Protection

● Professional Ethics

● Hygiene

● Anatomy and physiology


All of our courses are accredited by The IICT

Course length: 1 Day  Cost: £140.00

Tunbridge Wells - KENT
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