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What will I be learning on this Course?


You will be learning how to perform a professional spray tan to your client

- Consult with your client

- Prepare for the treatment

- Plan the treatment

- Complete the treatment


The body is sprayed with a solution containing DHA or Dihydroxyacetone – a colourless sugar which reacts with the epidermis and goes brown. Spray tanning is a temporary cosmetic procedure using natural products and modern technology. Using specially devised natural tanning solutions, a deep authentic looking tan can be quickly and simply applied leaving the skin smooth and silky.


It is suitable for many different skins types – it can last between 4 and 14 days depending on the skin type, skin care regime and tanning products used.


Spray tanning is ideal for clients who

● want to have an immediate colour

● have fair skin with a tendency to burn

●are concerned with the health risks of UV exposure Course structure At the end of the day you will an understanding of the following:

● Introduction – Spray Tan

● Health and Safety / Data Protection

● Professional Ethics

● Hygiene

● Anatomy and physiology

● Client Consultation/Contraindications

● Preparing for Treatment

● Products needed for Treatment

● Aftercare Advice

● Insurance


Course length: 1 Day ​ Cost: £150.00

Accreditation ​The IICT

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