Listening and Counselling Skills for Therapists Foundation Course 


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Our Counselling/Listening Skills for Therapists Course is aimed at enhancing your skill set.  As therapists, we are often a confidante to our clients, and at times we can feel out of our depth.  The hour that we spend with them can be an outlet for life’s issues, and it helps to be able to be a listener with knowledge and without judgement.


Whether you simply wish to apply what you learn for the benefit of yourself and close friends or colleagues, your clients,  or perhaps go on to become a professional Counsellor, this course will help you to achieve your goal.



The Foundation Listening Course consists of fourteen modules. Each element is designed to introduce you to an aspect of Counselling. When you have completed all the elements you will be able to help yourself and your friends benefit from Listening. You can also begin to proceed to turn this new knowledge into a career.


Simply reading this course will not make you a competent Counsellor. To get the most out of this course you will need to apply what you learn and proceed in a conscientious manner:       


These are very simple guidelines, but if you follow them then you are sure to get the maximum possible benefit from this course. Apply yourself and you will learn more and enjoy this Listening Course more than you ever expected.


When you have completed all the modules and you are confident that you understand them, move on to complete the questions which appear on the final pages. You will also be required to complete case studies.  Some questions are very simple and will only require a little effort. Others require more effort and will therefore take longer to complete. After you have completed the question page and returned it to Body & Soul, if you have achieved a pass (as I am confident you will) you will be sent a Certificate of completion and awarded 20 CPD Points




Online Training Course

Accredited by The Complementary Medical Association

Awards 20 CPD Points


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"Hi just to say thanks for a great training day yesterday. Very enjoyable and relaxed, and its a fab treatment to do. Did hubbie and my brother in law and they were really impressed. It’s so easy to do and very relaxing for me too. Will definitely be seeing you again."

- Lisa


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