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UV gel nails are a type of artificial nails. Women have them applied to their fingernails as an alternative to acrylic nails if they wants their nails to look longer, more even, and stronger. UV gel nails are made of a special odourless gel that is applied to a person’s regular nail and then cured. Usually, they are cured with ultraviolet light, which is why they are called UV gel nails. Sometimes, however, gel nails are cured with a chemical instead.


To apply UV gel nails, a manicurist applies a gel that consists of a combination of polymers and monomers to a person’s natural nail. She then places the nail under ultraviolet lights for curing. The curing process usually takes just a couple of minutes. When the curing process is done, UV gel nails can be painted and decorated to suit the woman’s unique tastes.


Workshop Structure


The one day workshop is delivered in two sessions,


Session One ​– Underpinning knowledge necessary for treatment providers

● Health and Safety / Data Protection

● Professional Ethics

● Hygiene

● Anatomy and physiology


Session Two​ – Practical skills and

● Client Consultation

● Preparing for Treatment

● Contra-actions to Manicure/UV Gel Nail treatment

● Nail Diseases, Disorders and Contra-indications

● Necessary Equipment

● Manicure Routine

● Aftercare Advice


This course is suitable for complete beginners.


This course is accredited by The International Institute of Complementary Therapists

Course length: 1 Day ​Cost: £185.00 ​


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