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Gel Polish treatments are fast becoming one of the most popular treatments provided in the beauty industry. Not to be confused with Gel Nail Extensions, Gel Polish is a nail coating applied to the natural nail. It can be full colour, French polish,  or glitter can  be added for a “Rockstar” effect, other nail art can also be applied to them.


This workshop will provide you with the relevant skills, knowledge and proficiency to provide a professional gel polish treatment for your clients using safe and effective methods.


Workshop Structure


The one or two day workshop is delivered in two sessions

Session One – Underpinning knowledge necessary for treatment providers

●      Health and Safety / Data Protection

●      Professional Ethics

●      Hygiene

●      Relevant Anatomy and Physiology


Session Two – Practical skills and

●      Client Consultation

●      Preparing for Treatment

●      Contra-actions to Manicure

●      Nail Diseases, Disorders and Contra-indications

●      Necessary Equipment

●      Gel Polish Routine & Removal

●      Aftercare Advice


All materials will be provided on the day


Accredited with the IICT


£150.00 for 1 Day Course    £250.00 for 2 Day Course


Their are two options for this course, the one day course which is more suited to existing therapists who may for example already be qualified in providing manicures and the 2 day course which is perfect for the beginner, who will require more in depth training.


1 Day Training Course                                                                                                  2 Day Training Course





Please email us to reserve your ideal date and location for training.